Series: KleptoCasts

Banking On Secrecy

Casey Michel talks to Aaron Klein of the Brookings Institution about challenges to the United States’ outdated anti-money laundering regime.

Pondering Panama

One year after the Panama Papers, has anything changed in the world of offshoring? Casey Michel talks to Will Fitzgibbon of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Extracting Compliance

Casey Michel talks to Erica Westenberg, Acting Manager of Governance Programs at the Natural Resource Governance Institute, about how the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative reinforces oversight in the natural resources sector – and what Azerbaijan’s departure means for the global transparency regime.

Lessons From Georgia

Ben Judah talks to Temuri Yakobashvili about Georgia’s successful anti-graft drive, current threats to its achievements, and Georgia’s role in Trump’s world.

Practicing and Prosecuting Foreign Corruption

Casey Michel talks to Steve Levine, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University, about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a controversial case study, and prospects under the Trump administration.

New Year, Same Old Pipeline Politics

Natalie Duffy talks to Ilya Zaslavskiy, an energy consultant and research expert at Free Russia Foundation, about how Nord Stream 2 could strengthen the Kremlin’s hand in Europe.