Kleptocracy Daily – June 28, 2016

Alleged Tambov gang members arrested in Spain, former Moldovan PM jailed for $1bn fraud, and Beijing defends one party system’s graft-busting credentials

The Problems with Minsk and Corruption: How to Help Ukraine

Charles Davidson, Executive Director of KI, discussed how the West can use its financial leverage to help stabilize Ukraine at a June 22, 2016 event in Washington, DC. The event was organized by McCain Institute, Hudson Institute, The American Interest, and Atlantic Council. Find out more on Atlantic Council’s website.

Russia’s Violation of Borders, Treaties and Human Rights

David Satter, Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute and Kleptocracy Initiative Advisory Board Member, testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Kleptocracy Archive

On May 17, 2016, KI launched the Kleptocracy Archive – an online database of documents illustrating the malfeasances emanating from corrupt authoritarian regimes.

Stage Hands: How Western Enablers Facilitate Kleptocracy

Oliver Bullough explains the three-stage process by which kleptocrats hide, transfer and legitimize their stolen wealth.

Kleptocracy is a system in which national economies are exploited for the illicit enrichment of a well-connected elite. Kleptocracies promote widespread, systemic corruption - affecting the lives of citizens, and threatening individuals and institutions abroad. The Kleptocracy Initiative confronts threats posed by kleptocratic regimes.
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