Kleptocracy Daily: September 12, 2017

Russia is using anonymous companies and smuggling networks to undercut U.S. sanctions on North Korea. Pyongyang is also trying to acquire cryptocurrencies to dodge sanctions. (WaPo, Bloomberg)

Spain is investigating the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Luxembourg for money laundering. (NYT)

Rep. Ed Royce, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and member of the House Financial Services Committee, voiced his support for a bill to end anonymous companies at a Bipartisan Policy Center event this morning.

After poor election results in Moscow, are Putin’s cronies beginning to turn on him? Three months into Trump’s presidency, Russia reportedly proposed a full normalization of relations with the U.S. (BuzzFeed)

The Trump Organization has hired a company owned by the Chinese government for a Dubai construction project, despite an undertaking to avoid foreign firms. (McClatchy)

Ukraine’s finance minister is under attack from government officials resisting Western-backed anti-corruption reforms. Watch Oleksandr Danylyuk’s speech at Hudson Institute in April. (WSJ)

Malaysia’s prime minister visits Trump at the White House today, despite implicated in the $1 billion 1MDB scandal by the DoJ. (Bloomberg)

One of Azerbaijan’s top graft-busting officials features prominently in the recent Laundromat revelations. (OCCRP)

You’ve devoured all KI’s reports and blogs on globalized corruption – now play the game and see if you can cut it as a kleptocrat… (WSJ)

Compiled by Nate Sibley