Kleptocracy Daily: July 24, 2017


Congressional negotiators reached a deal to advance a bill that would punish Russiafor its interference in the 2016 election and restrict the president’s power to remove sanctions on Moscow.

Jared Kushner released details of his contacts with Russian officials and businesspeople in the two years since Trump launched his presidential campaign, including a previously undisclosed meeting with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.in April 2016.


Jared Kushner’s status as a top aide to President Trump was used to lure Chinese investors to his family’s New Jersey development, even after his family’s company apologized for mentioning his name during a sales pitch in May.

When the (empty) apartment next door is owned by an oligarch.

“[The result of lack of enforcement of FARA] ‘is that the American voter doesn’t have a really good sense that [the media outlets] are foreign-funded, state-run operations. If you’re … scrolling through your television channels and you come across RT, and you see a news segment that’s favorable to the Trump [campaign] or critical of the Hillary campaign, you might think it’s just an objective news source, when in fact this is a Kremlin-funded organization.'”
The Atlantic, 5 Ways to Interfere in American Elections—Without Breaking the Law