Kleptocracy Weekly: 6/5-6/9

“Systemic corruption and kleptocracy in other countries are not merely inconveniences or added costs to doing business. Rather, corruption undermines U.S. national security, and the United States should use all its available tools to combat and deter corrupt actors.”
-KI’s Executive Director Charles Davidson and CNAS Visiting Fellow Kate Bateman, The Hill. For more detail, see KI’s ‘Five Steps to Fight Kleptocracy‘.

KI will be hosting the launch of a report by Marius Laurinavičius, ‘Weaponizing Kleptocracy: Putin’s Hybrid Warfare’ on Wednesday 6/14 from 9-10:30am. More information and registration available here.



  • Leaked documents show Russian and Serbian attempts to meddle in Macedonia, as well as to support anti-Western and pro-Russian nationalists in Macedonia.
  • Russia’s super-rich are giving up residency to avoid laws requiring them to disclose offshore wealth.



  • Malta is voting in snap general elections called against a backdrop of corruption allegations that have tarnished Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s government. See KI’s two articles on Malta’s controversial investor visa program here and here.