Kleptocracy Daily: June 8, 2017


U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz will speak at an EB-5 investment industry gathering co-sponsored by related companies in late July; the news comes as Jared Kushner is under fire for his family company’s use of the controversial visa program.

Trump’s nominee for FBI director is a partner at the law firm representing Russia’s national oil company Rosneft.

The trade dispute between three U.S. airlines and the massively subsidized Gulf carriers took a turn, with news that the U.S. Travel Association may have broken the law by failing to register its lobbying activities on behalf of the two government-owned airlines from the UAE.

Between mid-2015 and mid-2016, Privatbank, the largest bank in Ukraine, handed out over $1 billion in loans to firms owned by 7 top managers and two subordinates of its owner at the time, oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky.


Australia is reviewing its espionage laws and banning foreign political donations overconcerns that China is buying influence by using rich businessmen to funnel millions of dollars in donations to political parties.

The New York Times asks, “Are Australia’s politics too easy to corrupt?