Kleptocracy Daily: May 19, 2017


Michael Flynn and other advisers to Trump’s campaign were in contact with Russian officials and others with Kremlin ties in at least 18 calls and emails during the last 7 months of the 2016 presidential race.

The FBI warned a Republican congressman in 2012 that Russian spies were trying to recruit him, an example of how aggressively Russian agents have tried to influence Washington politics.

Flynn stopped military plan Turkey opposed – after being paid more than $500,000 as its agent.

The government of Georgia hired a lobbyist with ties to Trump to help it boost its financial and security investments from the U.S.

The former wife of President Putin has been linked to a Russian company collecting millions of dollars from an historic property in Moscow.

Russia has warned that it will retaliate over legislation moving through the Canadian Parliament to impose sanctions on people guilty of human rights violations in Russia and other countries.

Anti-corruption protester jailed for 8 months after Navalny’s Moscow rally.


Inside Russia’s social media war on America.

“Russia’s big energy projects make no economic sense, but they serve a political purpose.”
-Researcher Ilya Zaslavskiy on Russia’s energy investments