Kleptocracy Daily: May 17, 2017


The DoJ said its FCPA pilot program has had 22 voluntary disclosures of potential foreign bribery violations within its first year.

The Manafort investigations in New York City may have an advantage due to their immunity from federal meddling.

Muscovites argue that money laundering and profiteering are the driving forces behind the government’s city-wide demolition scheme.

The European Parliament again rejects compiling a blacklist of states that are at risk of money laundering.

President Putin granted the FSB the right to confiscate land plots and related real estate for government needs.

A new report found that companies are most concerned about Russia corruption risks, viewing it as the hardest country in which to avoid corruption.

Australian mining giants warned the federal government against going too far in strengthening Australia’s foreign bribery laws, saying it could put local companies at risk and prevent them from taking up new investments overseas.


A look at the FCPA after 40 years.

The Kushner family taps into China’s $24 billion ‘golden visa’ market.

A memo from the fired FBI Director quotes the president as asking him to “let it go”, referring to FBI’s investigation into Michael Flynn; this contradicts White House claims.