Kleptocracy Daily: March 17, 2017


A U.S. congressman introduced legislation to strengthen safeguards against foreign bribery. (FACT Coalition) 

South Korean officials face allegations that they “systematically” destroyed evidence in the presidential corruption scandal after it was revealed that the presidential office recently bought a total of 26 paper shredders. (The Korea Times)

The Russian parliament will not question Russian Prime Minister Medvedev on allegations of corruption. (Moscow Times)

The 83 investigation requests in Brazil against politicians include charges of corruption and money laundering. (WSJ)

Ukraine’s suspended tax chief, who has been charged with embezzling $74 million, was released on $3.7 million bail. (RFE/RL)


“Only now, after Russia’s audacious interference in the American presidential election, have Obama and his allies belatedly awoken to the ideological challenge posed by Putin’s counter-Enlightenment, one that exports kleptocracy and disorder through a European fifth column of front organizations, political parties, media organs, reactivated KGB networks and plain hired hands.” -Jamie Kirchick, Politico

The New Yorker examines why Michael Flynn registered his lobbying activities under LDA instead of FARA–and what work exactly he did for Turkey.