The Threat of Kleptocracy: States Bordering the Russian Federation


On October 19, Hudson Institute’s Kleptocracy Initiative hosted a discussion of the threats posed by kleptocracy to states bordering the Russian Federation.

Click here to watch the event.

The expansion of the Kremlin’s kleptocracy is seriously undermining the integrity of Europe. Nowhere is this threat more salient than in the Baltics, Eastern Europe, and Ukraine, whose security is directly threatened by Russia’s exported corruption, disinformation, and military aggression.

Pushing back against Russia’s kleptocratic onslaught should be a major national security and foreign policy priority for the U.S. and its allies.


  • Introductory remarks by Ambassador Rolandas Kriščiūnas and Charles Davidson
  • Panel I: Current State of Play with Karen Dawisha, Daniel Karson, Marius Laurinavicius, and Liudas Jurkonis
  • Panel II: The Case of Ukraine with Ben Judah and Aivaras Abromavičius
  • Panel III: Pushing Back with Kurt Volker, David Kramer, Charles Davidson, and Jonas Grinevičius


Ambassador Rolandas Kriščiūnas
Ambassador to the United States from the Republic of Lithuania

Charles Davidson
Executive Director, Kleptocracy Initiative, Hudson Institute

Karen Dawisha
Author of Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?

Daniel Karson
Chairman, The Americas, Investigations and Disputes, Kroll

Marius Laurinavicius
BAFF Security Research Fellow, Hudson Institute

Liudas Jurkonis
Baltic Region Leader, Ernst & Young

Jonas Grinevičius
Director for Eastern Europe and Russia, Embassy of Lithuania

Kurt Volker
President, The McCain Institute

David Kramer
Senior Director for Human Rights and Democracy, The McCain Institute

Ben Judah
Author of This is London and Fragile Empire

Aivaras Abromavičius
Former Minister of Economy and Trade, Ukraine