Kleptocracy Daily: October 19, 2016

Watch live from Hudson Institute, 9:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.: “The Threat of Kleptocracy: States Bordering the Russian Federation.” Join KI, the Lithuanian ambassador, and highly distinguished panelists to discuss how the Kremlin’s kleptocracy affects the Baltics, Eastern Europe, and Ukraine.


  • An FT investigation links a Trump business to an alleged Kazakh money laundering operation.
  • The UK’s failure to rein in tax havens in overseas territories is hindering the global fight against corruption, MPs said. (Guardian)
  • The Enough Project has a new briefing on how kleptocracy has hijacked entire states in Africa.
  • Ahead of an important party meeting, taking on the “big tigers” over corruption remains a significant challenge for Beijing. (DW)
  • Ukraine still has a long way to go in fighting corruption in the energy sector. (FT)
  • Endemic corruption is pushing ordinary Afghans overseas. (UPI)