Kleptocracy Daily: September 29, 2016


The Mayor of London is launching a major inquiry into foreign property ownership in the UK capital. Three London-based traders are accused of stealing more than £76 million from their Russian bank employers. (Guardian, Daily Mail)

China’s National People’s Congress has far bigger problems than its corrupt members. (Foreign Policy)

Wanda, the Chinese property and entertainment conglomerate, may have been privatized eight years ago because of a bribe. (SCMP)

China has reportedly established a global anti-graft research institute in Beijing, following its ambition to seize global initiative on the issue at the G20. (Xinhua)

The White House tried to muzzle intelligence officials from revealing Russian interference in the U.S. elections. The FBI is now investigating hacks targeting Democratic party officials’ telephones. (BuzzFeed, Reuters)

260 foreign ships docked in Crimea are violating Ukrainian law and international sanctions. (EuroMaidan Press)

The Philippines banker accused of laundering $81 million stolen from Bangladesh by hackers has reportedly rejected an immunity offer from the FBI. (Bloomberg)

New anti-graft laws in South Korea will not include diplomatic activities. (Korea Times)