Kleptocracy Daily | November 2, 2017

Russia probe: The inclusion of FARA charges in Manafort’s indictment, along with the departure of Tony Podesta, has K Street running scared – not to mention Chuck Grassley’s timely introduction of a bill to significantly tighten oversight of foreign lobbying. (Politico)

The indictment potentially links Manafort to some of the biggest players in Russian organized crime. (Daily Beast)

Ukrainian prosecutors are preparing a request to interview Manafort over the allegations. (RFE/RL)

Sanctioning Putin’s propagandists: The U.S. should deprive them of “free rein to hypocritically enjoy the Western lifestyles that they decry at home,” writes Karina Orlova. (TAI)

China: Xi Jinping’s anti-graft drive apparently provided a boost for small businesses. (Bloomberg)

Tycoons who moved money out of China whatever the cost are now being culled in Xi’s new era. (NPR podcast)

Global Magnitsky: Sergei Magnitsky’s widow has thanked Canada taking a stand. “This law has global character. It’s aimed at fighting corruption in all countries.” (CBC)

South Africa: A former UK minister says HSBC should be investigated for “possible criminal complicity” in the Gupta family money laundering scandal. (BBC)

Corrosive values: Is Russia trying to undermine Western liberalism? Ilya Zaslavskiy will discuss his KI report at CEPOS on November 20.

ICYMI: Manafort’s indictment exposes America’s role as a financial secrecy haven as never before, writes Casey Michel. (WaPo)

Finally… A DC bar will offer $5 “Moscow Muellers” every time a Trump associate is indicted in the Russia probe. (Washington Examiner)


Compiled by Nate Sibley.

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