Kleptocracy Daily | November 13, 2017

Russia: The Atlantic Council suggests corruption criteria for identifying senior Russian political figures as part of the U.S. administration’s report on Russian political leaders and oligarchs.

Russia’s parliament warned some U.S. and other foreign media could be declared “foreign agents” and obliged to regularly declare full details of their funding, finances and staffing. (Reuters)

EU: Lawmakers have raised concerns over money laundering in Malta and the independence of its police and judiciary in a draft resolution. (Reuters)

Paradise Papers: A Russian businessman is reportedly at the center of a scam which funneled millions of dollars from a taxpayer-funded European development bank to offshore shell companies. (Moscow Times) ​

UK: The company which owns Leicester City and funded the club’s rise to become 2016 Premier League champions is to face multimillion-pound corruption charges of having corruptly short-changed the Thai government of 14bn baht (£327m)​. (Guardian)

China: The retired former head of a Chinese state-run news agency has been expelled from the ruling Communist Party for graft. (SCMP)

Compiled by Peter Podkopaev.