Kleptocracy Daily | October 31, 2017

Russia probe: “Mueller’s filings stand on their own as an important rebuke to global kleptocracy. That’s because the American face of the problem is Paul Manafort,”writes Franklin Foer. (Atlantic)

Manafort’s indictment resonated in Ukraine, where “Mr. Manafort [allegedly] profited from financial wrongdoing in their country and…. it cost the Ukrainian people dearly.” (NYT)

The founder of Podesta Group stepped down after Manafort’s indictment; his firm was part of lobbying efforts for a Yanukovych-linked organization. (Politico)

Nord Stream 2: Ilya Zaslavskiy argues that Kremlin corruption exported to Europe’s oil and gas sectors carries “long-term moral, political, and strategic implications” for the West. (Free Russia Foundation)

From Miami to Moscow: A U.S. law firm has teamed up with a Russian counterpartto offer support on “sensitive issues that ultra-high and high net-worth individuals face on a personal level…” (Daily Business Review)

China: Xi Jinping has succeeded in combining Mao’s totalitarianism with Deng Xiaoping’s crony capitalism, writes Helen Wang. (Forbes)

Switzerland: Prosecutors seek a ruling to make it easier to convict whistleblowersagainst Swiss banks, wherever they are in the world. (Reuters)

Ukraine: The interior minister’s son was detained by NABU for allegedly embezzling $520,000 from state contracts. (RFE/RL)

Compiled by Nate Sibley.

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