Kleptocracy Daily: October 19, 2017

Congress: The Helsinki Commission’s recent emphasis on kleptocracy reinforces a growing appetite on the Hill for confronting globalized corruption. (KI)

Tax data: Rich countries’ failure to share tax information with developing ones under OECD Common Reporting Standards fuels kleptocracy and hurts the poorest,writes Max de Haldevang. (Quartz)

UK banks: Regulators have been asked investigate whether financial institutions were involved in the South African money laundering scandal engulfing Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family. (City AM)

Panama Papers: Green MEP Sven Giegold calls out EU countries complicit in money laundering. (DW)

Foreign influence: Should UK politicians appear on RT? Labour peer Andrew Adonis thinks not. (BBC)

Putin threatened restrictions on American media if Russian propaganda outlets are required to register as such in the U.S. (RFE/RL)

China: President Xi announced that the new Supervisory Commission will become an anti-graft “superagency… overseeing all inspections of government departments and state-owned firms and institutions as well as within the ruling party.” (FT)

DR Congo: Watch the Sentry/Enough Project discuss a new report linking Hezbollah funding to a bank associated with Joseph Kabila. (Atlantic Council)

Ukraine: A small victory for anti-corruption protestors, as deputies send a bill on lifting lawmakers’ immunity to the Constitutional Court. (RFE/RL)


Compiled by Nate Sibley.

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