Kleptocracy Daily: October 18, 2017

China: Xi Jinping opened the 19th CCP Congress with a three-and-a-half hour speech setting out “a vision of total control — with the party guiding not only the economy and the Internet but culture, religion and morals,” writes Simon Denyer. Xi cited the “virus” of corruption as the greatest threat to the Party and promised to maintain the “irreversible” momentum of his anti-graft campaign. (WaPo, Guardian, Reuters)

When their only objective is to shift as much money overseas as quickly as possible, it’s no accident that China’s tycoons are bad investors, write Heiwei Tang and Christopher Beddor. (FP)

Power didn’t protect the 18 members of China’s Central Committee who faced graft allegations. (FT)

The U.S. DoJ indicted two Chinese nationals for producing synthetic opioid-based drugs.  Chinese investment and workers also appear to be fueling large-scale illegal marijuana operations in the U.S. (Washington Times, Sacramento Bee)

Russia: An undercover American businessman claims that he was blocked from telling Congress about the Russian nuclear industry’s attempts to influence the Clintons and Obama administration. (The Hill)

Putin’s greatest weakness may be located on U.S. shores, writes Anders Aslund. (The Hill)

Oleg Deripaska’s libel case against the Associated Press over an article implicating him with Paul Manafort was “dismissed with prejudice” by a U.S. judge. (Talking New Media)

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Alexei Navalny’s detention is “arbitrary.” (DW)

Ukraine: Protests over President Poroshenko’s refusal to enact vital anti-corruption legislation have broken out near the parliament in Kyiv. (RFE/RL)

A Scottish Limited Partnership believed to be controlled by Viktor Yanukovych’s son has sidestepped a UK transparency law by simply naming another anonymous company as its owner. (Herald Scotland)


Compiled by Nate Sibley.

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