Kleptocracy Daily: September 13, 2017

Global Magnitsky: An international consortium of NGOs has recommended 15 cases to the U.S. Treasury and State Departments for designation under the act. Read the letter and details about the individuals, all of whom are accused of gross human rights violations and/or corruption. (Reuters)

Enablers: Transparency International’s Robert Barrington asks: Was Bell Pottinger a rotten apple, or does the PR industry need to reconsider its ethical standards? (PR Week)

Russia: A Spanish prosecutor renowned for pursuing Russian organized crime cases was suddenly accused of sending inappropriate messages from what turned out to be a false Twitter account – just before he was due to launch a major case against an alleged St. Petersburg mafia boss, writes Anastasia Kirilenko. (The Insider; Russian only)

Foreign agents: RT is claiming that the Justice Department has asked it to register a company providing services to its U.S. outlet as a “foreign agent.” (RFE/RL)

1MDB: Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak met with President Trump at the White House yesterday despite being under investigation by U.S. law enforcement for suspected involvement in the $3 billion heist. No prizes for guessing where he stayed. (WSJ, NYT)

China: The background of a China-born MP is being probed by New Zealand’s spy agency. A billionaire whistleblower who has filed for asylum in the U.S. has refuted a legal claim that he raped a former assistant. (FT, Reuters)

Compiled by Nate Sibley.