Kleptocracy Daily: August 2, 2017


Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund has given 1MDB five days to make a $600 million payment, which the troubled Malaysian state fund failed to pay yesterday.

China’s anti-graft watchdog said one of its former senior inspectors had been expelled from the Communist Party after an investigation found he had abused his position to receive bribes.

Brazilian engineering company Odebrecht agreed to pay $220 million in fines and will cooperate with investigators probing bribes of Panamanian officials


“The extraordinary revelations about the owners of empty homes in Kensington and Chelsea shine a light on a very modern set of problems – the emergence of offshore property speculators and a global elite who have ceased viewing houses simply as places to live in, and started seeing them as an investment asset.”
-The Guardian (also check out the Kensington Council’s 2015 report on “ghost mansions” throughout the borough)

Retired diplomat Richard Combs recalls in an interview with RFE/RL what happened in October 1986, the last time embassy staff was reduced in Moscow, when diplomats fluent in multiple languages or steeped in Kremlinology found themselves driving school buses or schlepping around crates of fresh milk.

Why the U.S. keeps losing the fight against disinformation.

A string of oligarchs, foreign royalty and multimillionaire businesspeople have been revealed as the owners of vacant properties in the borough where the deadly UK Grenfell Tower fire left scores of people homeless.