Kleptocracy Daily: August 1, 2017

Casey Michel speaks with Central European University’s Maciej Kisilowski on recent Polish illiberalism – and how the EU and the U.S. are reacting.


Senators introduced the Foreign Agent Lobbying Transparency Enforcement Act, which would give the DOJ the ability to impose civil fines on people who don’t comply with FARA.

Stolen emails show ties between a UAE envoy and U.S. financier with the 1MDB fund’s central figure.

Germany’s economics minister urged the EU to fight back against new sanctions by the U.S. that could penalize Western companies doing business with Russia.

Spain’s PM testifies as witness in corruption trial, denying knowledge of alleged corruption within his Popular Party.

Tension is rising in Thailand as former PM enters the final stages of a trial accusing her of mismanaging a multibillion-dollar rice-subsidy program.

Malawi has issued an arrest warrant for its former president over alleged abuse of office and money laundering offenses.


Coming clean: the great Russian dirty-money caper that wasn’t–one of UK police’s biggest money-laundering cases collapses.

How much of the world’s wealth is hidden offshore?

The New Yorker examines why corrupt bankers avoid jail.