Kleptocracy Daily: July 20, 2017


Eighth person in Trump team meeting linked to money laundering investigation–he was named in 2000 by the NYT for using 2,000 shell companies in the U.S. tolaunder $1.4 billion from Russia and eastern Europe into accounts at Citibank and the Commercial Bank of San Francisco.

Financial records filed last year in the secretive tax haven of Cyprus, where Paul J. Manafort kept bank accounts during his years working in Ukraine and investing with a Russian oligarch, indicate that he had been in debt to pro-Russia interests by as much as $17 million before he joined Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign in March 2016.

Paul Behrends, a controversial staffer associated with the California congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s pro-Russia stances, was pushed out of his role on a subcommittee after questions were raised about a recent trip to Moscow.

Deutsche Bank, the key to Trump’s finances, faces new scrutiny.


VoA discusses the complicated U.S.-Russia relationship with former Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst and David Satter, senior fellow at Hudson Institute.