Kleptocracy Daily: July 18, 2017

TODAY: KI and the Partnership for Transparency’s Anti-Corruption Forum will host a discussion on U.S. government approaches to kleptocracy and money laundering, including investigations, prosecutions, compliance, and possible legislation. The event will begin at 11:45pm EST. More information and a link to watch online here.


China’s top graft-buster launched a scathing attack on the ruling Communist Party’s members, writing that party political culture remained “unhealthy” and governance weak even after five years of renewed effort to fight the problem.

After Siemens turbines built by its Russian partners were transferred to Crimea, two more turbines appear to have been delivered without the German firm’s knowledge. The case is a test of EU sanctions against Russia.


Hong Kong’s secrecy rules and U.S.-dollar peg make it an attractive destination for money launderers, and only all-round cooperation can help stop the flow

“The MH17 tragedy illustrates two things:…Second, that we in the west, especially Britain – with a City of London that Russia uses to launder its dirty money – are complicit. According to Ben Judah, author of the Kleptocracy Curse: ‘Two powerful trends meet in London: the rise of the offshore financial system and the rise of globalized authoritarians.'”
-The Guardian

In a world in which offshoring and shell companies increasingly look ethically indefensible, perhaps a combination of greater awareness of the costs of international corruption, increasing harmonization of international anticorruption law, and tighter ethical standards for lawyers can contribute to moderating corruption’s terrible human costs.”
-‘Helping U.S. Lawyers in the Fight Against International Corruption’, Council on Foreign Relations

A Russian developer helps out the Kremlin on occasion. Was he a conduit to Trump?