Kleptocracy Daily: June 19, 2017


U.S. lawmakers are launching a fresh effort to outlaw “shell companies” amid fears that Russia is exploiting such opaque corporate vehicles to spread its influence.

The EU Foreign Ministers extend sanctions against Crimea.

An investment group that U.S. authorities say is run by Russian mobsters and linked to the Russian government sent at least $900,000 to a company owned by a businessman tied to Syria’s chemical weapons program.

China dials-up legal pressure on exiled tycoon.


“The United States is going to try to outlaw shell companies once more…This is smart—and necessary.”
-The American Interest

Op-ed by Representative Tom Suozzi: Americans must unite to fight Russian attempts to undermine western democracies.

WaPo op-ed: Trump is pulling America back from the global fight against corruption.

Russia’s Federal Protective Service is getting the right to classify information about property owned by officials like Putin and Medvedev. Does it matter?

Putin’s Kleptocracy author Karen Dawisha sits down with Voice of America for a conversation about ‘The Putin Interviews’. (in Russian)