Kleptocracy Weekly: April 14, 2017




  • The European Parliament casts a critical eye on where NGOs get their money. (POLITICO)
  • A Russian computer programmer has been arrested in Spain under a U.S. warrant, though authorities remain tight-lipped about the reasons for his arrest. (The Daily Beast)
  • A money laundering trial to begin mid-April in Italy has shed light on a hidden offshore operation–that included banks in Britain and Estonia–that may have contributed to a major human rights crackdown in Azerbaijan in 2013. (OCCRP)



  • Oliver Bullough’s latest piece in the Guardian: After a revolution overthrew Ukraine’s disgraced president, Theresa May promised to help the country’s new leaders recover stolen assets. But the UK’s first case collapsed within a year.


  • China’s anti-corruption probe into the head of the country’s insurance watchdog could lead to more intense regulatory scrutiny on the insurance industry. (Reuters)