Kleptocracy Daily: April 24, 2017

KI’s Executive Director Charles Davidson will be a panelist at a Hudson Institute event to discuss challenges and opportunities for U.S.-EU cooperation 4/25. Sign up or watch live.


Exxon Mobil won’t be allowed to bypass U.S. sanctions against Russia to resume drilling for oil in a joint venture that seeks to tap billions of barrels of that country’s crude, U.S. Treasure rules. (Bloomberg)

Senate Trump-Russia probe has just 7 part-time staffers—not one of them is a trained investigator—and they haven’t interviewed a single player in Trump’s orbit. (The Daily Beast)

Kremlin-owned news outlet Rossiya Segodnya is to halt a major deal with Reutersafter the company implicated Russian state media in a plot to undermine U.S. elections. (The Moscow Times)

Russia hacked the Danish defense and gained access to employees’ emails in 2015 and 2016. (Reuters)

Russia’s Federal Investigative Committee has formally declined to probe allegationsby Alexei Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation that PM Medvedev is the mastermind of a multibillion-dollar real-estate scheme. (The Moscow Times)


Scholars at the Council on Foreign Relations urge the Trump administration to support anti-corruption efforts by the Nigerian and South African governments and revoke the visas of political figures suspected of kleptocracy; this comes following an incident in which high-ranking Nigerian officials were linked to mysterious $43 million.

The American Interest has a piece about how Medvedev will react to those who accused him of corruption now that he is cleared.