Kleptocracy Daily: April 19, 2017

Today: KI will host Oleksander Danyliuk, Minister of Finance of Ukraine, for a discussion with Walter Russell Mead at Hudson Institute. Sign up or watch live.

KI’s Executive Director Charles Davidson will be a panelist at a Hudson Institute event to discuss challenges and opportunities for U.S.-EU cooperation 4/25. Sign up or watch live.


U.S. Supreme Court justices grilled the SEC over limiting power to make wrongdoers giveback their ill-gotten gains. (WSJ)

Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has officially denied allegations that large sums of money have been transferred from an Azerbaijani bank account to the three offshore Panama companies. (Malta Today)

Thousands of Slovaks joined a rally to protest against corruption and demand the resignation of the interior minister, a close ally of Prime Minister Robert Fico, over his ties with a developer under investigation for tax fraud. (Reuters)


An op-ed in the WSJ looks at the FCPA pilot program after its first year.

Re:Baltica has a new piece on Russia’s smaller-scale propagandists operating in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

“Russian-based organized crime groups in Europe have been used for a variety of purposes, including as sources of ‘black cash’, to launch cyber attacks, to wield political influence, to traffic people and goods, and even to carry out targeted assassinations on behalf of the Kremlin.”
-Mark Galeotti in his new report on how the Kremlin uses Russia’s criminal networks in Europe

In Republic.ru, political analyst Tatiana Stanovaya explains the paradox of Russians’ irritation with official corruption and Putin’s high approval rating. (in Russian)