Kleptocracy Daily: April 11, 2017

The latest on KI’s website: Belinda Li examines how campaign finance loopholes could be exploited by foreign powers to influence U.S. elections.

KI will host Oleksander Danyliuk, Minister of Finance of Ukraine, for a discussion with Walter Russell Mead at Hudson Institute on April 19. Sign up or watch live.


Hong Kong’s banking regulator has fined the local branch of private bank Coutts forbreaking anti-money laundering regulation. (Financial Times)

Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has pledged to sue Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny for accusing him of corruption. (Moscow Times)

London police broke the law when they seized $22 million from four companies at the center of allegations of Russian money laundering, a London judge rules. (Bloomberg)

Russia caves in on bitcoin in a new line of attack on money laundering. (Bloomberg)

Corruption allegations, infighting, and long waits for houses tests the patience of South Africa’s poor. (WSJ)


A piece in American Banker argues that state incorporation laws are good for crooks, but bad for banks.

A new documentary on the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, Hunting the KGB Killers, will premiere on Britain’s Channel 4 Monday, April 17.