Kleptocracy Daily: March 9, 2017

Hudson fellow Hannah Thoburn is quoted in Foreign Policy’s latest article examining the jailing of Ukraine’s top tax official. 


A new European Parliament report lists the U.S. as a ‘leading’ financial secrecy haven. (Bloomberg)

The Trump administration backs the broad reach of FCPA. (Global Anticorruption Blog)

A Kiev-based operative with suspected ties to Russian intelligence, who consulted regularly with Paul Manafort while during Trump’s presidential campaign, has come under scrutiny from the FBI and State Department. (Politico)

An ex-BP executive is charged in a $4 million Singapore bribery case. (Financial Times)

A proposed anti-money laundering regulation, which experts believe is likely to become law, brings with it a significant new compliance responsibilities for investment advisors. (Financial Planning)

Michael Flynn, who was resigned from President Trump’s national security team last month, has retroactively registered with the DoJ for work he did that may have benefited the government of Turkey. (The Hill)

A top official in charge of overseeing Trump’s D.C. hotel is leaving the agency tasked with overseeing federal leases amid criticism. For more on federal government leases, check out KI’s article ‘Office Space: Who Really Owns Real Estate Leased By the U.S. Government?’ (WaPo)


Chatham House examines the corruption and institutional failure that still plagues Moldova 25 years after independence, and argues that only the EU can hold the government coalition accountable for reform. 

The Daily Beast’s latest on Richard Burt, a longtime political operative and Trump associate–and the man who some of Russia’s biggest interests turn to for help.