Kleptocracy Daily: March 8, 2017


Spanish authorities allege that Hares Youssef, a Syrian-Ukrainian businessman, linked his friend, exiled Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash, to an organized crime network involved in money laundering. (Kyiv Post)

The U.S. Treasury Department announced a $100 million settlement with Zhongxing Telecommunications Equipment Corporation for breaching Iran sanctions.

A draft bill for German anti-money laundering law was approved, which includes the creation of a national register of beneficial ownership. (Global Compliance News)


Trump should reconsider his stance on the mining transparency law, which has eliminated a critical anti-corruption rule that improved transparency in the opaque natural resources sector. (FT)

RFE/RL examines how the jailing of a Ukrainian tax chief could signal a watershed in Ukraine’s fight against ‘corrupt untouchables’.

The Washington Post looks at why Ukraine is currently facing its biggest test in the fight against corruption.