Kleptocracy Daily: November 17, 2016


Must-read: Facing up to authoritarian influence-peddling, by Thorsten Benner and Ricardo Soares de Oliveira. (FT)


  • JP Morgan will pay a $200 million fine to settle accusations that it hired the “princeling” children of China’s elite. (Bloomberg)
  • Despite isolation on the tiny Pacific island of Saipan, the unassuming Best Sunshine Live may be the “most successful casino of all time.” The U.S. Treasury is looking into it… (Bloomberg)
  • The UK is refusing to release “super sensitive” information relevant to the death of Russian whistleblower Alexander Perepilichnyy. (Guardian)
  • Two of Russia’s biggest telecoms firms are considering a merger. (Moscow Times)
  • Congress passed sanctions against Iran and Syria.  President Obama met with EU leaders to discuss extending sanctions over Russia’s Crimea occupation. (Reuters)
  • Lithuanian authorities have almost doubled the number of people under investigation since the Panama Papers leaks. (OCCRP)
  • Bulgaria’s ex-energy minister was charged with mismanaging a cancelled nuclear project with losses of $200 million. (Reuters)
  • China’s anti-graft boss will be exempted from mandatory retirement. (Epoch Times)
  • Moldova’s new pro-Kremlin president has given some indication of his intentions in office. (bne IntelliNews)
  • Hudson’s Hannah Thoburn on why Putin had the best week ever. (World Affairs Journal)
  • Mikheil Saakashvili on why Ukraine is losing the war on corruption. (NYT)
  • A report by Atlantic Council looks at the Kremlin’s Trojan Horses in Europe.
  • Experts are suggesting that money laundering regulations may stay strongunder Trump, says Samuel Rubenfeld. (WSJ)
  • Andrew Roth asks: Are Ukrainians the biggest losers of the U.S. election?
  • How does the Taliban move its money around? (Motherboard)
  • Jonathan Mirsky reviews Minxin Pei’s “China’s Crony Capitalism.” (THE)
  • Populists exploiting disillusionment with globalization often use it to hide their wealth and secure their path to power… (Guardian)
  • Hudson’s David Satter will discuss the true nature of Putin’s regime, and how the U.S. should deal with it: Join him on Capitol Hill at 3pm today.
Finally… Watch a U.S. State Department spokesman call out a Russia Today reporter over her questions about Russian strikes in Syria. (WFB)