Kleptocracy Daily: November 11, 2016


New from KI
  • Peter Podkopaev takes a look at the recent U.S. crackdown on anonymous luxury real estate purchases.
  • An interview claiming Putin would leave the Kremlin in 2017 disappeared from the website of a prominent Moscow paper. (Moscow Times)
  • Macau’s former top prosecutor faces a whopping 1,970 criminal charges following his arrest in a corruption probe. (SCMP)
  • Former Fifa official Rafael Esquivel pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges. (BBC)
  • The Kremlin continues to play an active role in Moldova’s presidential elections. (FT)
  • Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa isn’t giving up on beleaguered VP Jorge Glas, who is accused of money laundering. (Panama Post)
  • Russian hackers are allegedly targeting U.S. think tanks. (Reuters)
  • Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff accused her successor of taking bribes. (Guardian)
  • Mexico’s anti-money laundering campaign suffers from a lack of funding, says Arturo Angel. (Insight Crime)
  • A poster child for corrupt African rulers, Teodoro Obiang of Equitorial Guinea enjoys an active network of Eastern European enablers. (OCCRP)
  • U.S. banks are taking a stand against money laundering, says Jeff Bounds (D Magazine)
  • The scandal surrounding South Korean President Park Geun-hye isn’t going away, write Katharine H.S. Moon and Duyeon Kim. (Foreign Affairs)