Kleptocracy Daily: September 26, 2016


“If you knew Putin like we know Putin…” Estonia’s president and Lithuania’s foreign minister discuss the Kremlin’s kleptocracy. (Daily Beast)

U.S. intelligence agencies are looking at alleged connections between Carter Page, a Donald Trump advisor, and senior Russian officials. (Yahoo)

Lilia Shevtsova asks: “How has Russia, the tottering Eurasian Nuclear Petro State, managed to blackmail the West and make it look so weak and pathetic?” (American Interest)

Four years on, where is Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive headed? Former executives of Sinopec Group and China Southern Airlines are the latest to face prosecution. (HKFP, Reuters)

Australian law enforcement is worried about a “flood” of dodgy Chinese money. (Australian)

The director of Europe’s only spongy titanium producer has been detained in Ukraine for embezzlement. (Ukraine Today)

Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed concern to Joe Biden about the arrest of Reza Zarrab on money laundering and Iran sanctions evasion charges. (Hurriyet)

HSBC’s top lawyer has called for improved global standards in information sharingbetween governments and banks. Major banks hope that a shared customer databasecan reduce compliance failures and costs. (Reuters, FT)