Kleptocracy Daily: September 21, 2016


China will shift the focus of its global hunt for graft suspects from evidence-gathering to the seizure of allegedly stolen assets. Other countries remain reluctant to cooperate, citing espionage and human rights concerns. (Reuters, Globe & Mail)

In a major planned restructuring of Russia’s security services, the Kremlin is resurrecting the KGB in all but name. (Foreign Policy)

Ukrainians are concerned about the prospect of a Trump presidency. The GOP candidate didn’t even respond to Petro Poroshenko’s offer to meet at the UN. (Daily Beast, Foreign Policy)

To curb North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, follow the money involved in illicit procurement. (Conversation)

How to hide it: inside the secret world of wealth managers. (Guardian)

A Delaware lawmaker says that anonymous companies are hurting the state’s reputation. (Delaware Online)