Kleptocracy Daily – June 17, 2016


Will Russia sanctions be extended this month by the EU? Ukraine wants them maintained until occupying forces are withdrawn.

NPR follows the trail of dirty money from a bribe in Thailand to luxury Manhattan real estate. Current anti-money laundering rules may be leaving banks exposed while providing loopholes for criminals.

Zhou Yongkang’s nephew has become his latest relative to go to jail for graft. Is Beijing’s anti-corruption campaign hurting economic growth?

Ukraine’s new deputy general prosecutor wants to reform the country’s “prosecutor mafia.”

Ahead of the Baku Grand Prix, Formula One organizers are unconcerned by the Aliyev regime’s conduct in Azerbaijan.

Telecoms giant Ericsson is being investigated for alleged corruption in its China business. Nordea, Scandinavia’s biggest bank, was reported to police for money laundering failures last year.