Kleptocracy Daily – May 31, 2016

The U.S. may be breaching its own sanctions to buy Russian space rocket engines. “It should be a scandal, not just a controversy,” said Charles Davidson, KI Executive Director.

G7 leaders will extend and perhaps increase sanctions on Russia – but as the EU head prepares to visit Moscow, some countries are mulling a softer approach.

Donald Trump has been linked to Azerbaijan’s ruling Aliyev family, as more questions arise over his ties to kleptocratic regimes.

For kleptocrats, hoarding fine art is just another way to secure their stolen wealth.

An Italian mafia expert said that the UK’s offshore addiction makes it the most corrupt country on Earth. A senior Labour Party official redacted references to Russia as a security threat in official documents.

The EU might be about to label the U.S. a tax haven.

Israel’s new defense minister is a close ally of Vladimir Putin.