Daily Brief – April 7, 2016



U.S. Plans to Match Leaked Data to Russia Sanctions List, Says Source – Bloomberg

Officials are particularly interested in individuals or businesses linked to the destabilization of Ukraine.


“Panama Papers” Implicate Client of Clinton-Linked Lobbying Firm – Washington Free Beacon

The Podesta group lobbies for Sberbank, which is linked to Putin’s inner circle.


Why Panama Papers are Unlikely to Trouble Russian Officials – Moscow Times

Russians may be resigned to official corruption – but the Kremlin is beginning to worry.


United States


U.S. Plans to Require Banks to Identify Owners of Shell Companies – New York Times

The move targets beneficial owners, as concerns grow over the U.S.’s anti-money laundering regime.


United Kingdom


How Laundered Money Shapes London’s Property Market – Financial Times

The National Crime Agency has no idea how much dirty money is invested in real estate across the UK capital.


A British FBI Could Fight Our Addiction to Dirty Money – Guardian

The National Crime Agency lacks the resources and enforcement abilities of its U.S. counterpart.




Panama Papers Reveal Offshore Secrets of China’s Red Nobility – Guardian

Beijing is increasing censorship of the leak as more senior figures are named.


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