Daily Brief – April 6, 2016

United States


Forget Panama: It’s Easier to Hide Your Money in the U.S. Than Almost AnywhereGuardian

Experts worry that the U.S. could become more attractive for money launderers, as other jurisdictions tighten their rules in the wake of the Panama Papers.


United Kingdom


Revealed: The Tycoons and World Leaders Who Built Secret UK Property EmpiresGuardian

The Panama Papers provide an insight into the murky world of offshore property ownership in the UK.




Putin’s New National Guard – What Does it Say When You Need Your Own Personal Army?In Moscow’s Shadow

A highly significant move by Putin which signals reduced confidence in the Kremlin. Some insights from Mark Galeotti.


Panama Papers In Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan: Do As I Say, Not As I DoRFE/RL

Putin, Poroshenko and the Aliyev family are all implicated in the leak.


Switzerland “First Choice For Corrupt Russians”Swissinfo.ch

An interview with Alexei Navalny.




Panama Papers Put Beijing’s Corruption Fight Under Fresh ScrutinyWall Street Journal

Xi Jinping’s own family are reportedly among those with links to offshore companies.


Concern Over Corruption Claims of China Firm Seeking Scotland InvestmentBBC

China Railway Group is blacklisted by Norway, but Scottish ministers signed a deal that could create £10 billion in investment.




Panama Papers: Who Are the Real Victims of Tax Avoidance and Evasion?Newsweek

Corruption stories often focus on global elites – but what about their victims?


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