Daily Brief – April 11, 2016



Why “In Law” is Banned in Beijing – Washington Post

“Note how reactions [to the Panama Papers] differed, based on the type of government…”


China Plans a Single, Chilling Response to the Panama Papers – Forbes

“Communist leaders will pick up their politically reliable tune that foreigners are out to get them, and to amplify it they may strike back at someone with economic weaponry.”




Russian Cellist Says Funds Revealed in Panama Papers Came From Donations – Guardian

Sergei Rodulgin claims that $100 million assets were earmarked for the purchase of instruments for aspiring Russian musicians.


Podcast: Putin’s Beautiful Launderette – RFE/RL

Brian Whitmore, Mark Galeotti, and Karen Dawisha discuss Putin’s kleptocracy in the wake of the Panama Papers.




Ukrainian Prime Minister Tenders Resignation – RFE/RL

Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s tenure was marked by destabilization, reform battles, and declining public confidence.


United States


For Just $309, You Too Can Hide Your Assets — in the U.S. – LA Times

How the states compete for anonymous company registrations.


The Danger of a Shadow Financial System – U.S. News

How anonymous companies threaten U.S. national security – and what to do about it.


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