Daily Brief – March 30, 2016



China Jails Another Crony of Corruption TargetFortune

Ji Wenlin, former governor of Hainan Province and associate of Zhou Yongkang, allegedly took $3.2 million in bribes.


Casino Agent in Phillipines Says High-Rollers Brought in Heist MoneyReuters

The leaders of the $81 million cyber heist are alleged to operate from Beijing and Macau.


Dirty Money Center? Hong Kong in Money Laundering Spotlight as Suspected Russian Drug Lord and His Former Model Lover ProbedSouth China Morning Post

Vadim Volkov, a former Hell’s Angel biker, is under investigation by Australian authorities.




International Prosecutors Reject Navalny Complaint on Russia’s ChaikaMoscow Times

The International Association of Prosecutors will not take any action against Russia’s Prosecutor General.


Son of Ex-Russian Railways Head to Build on Moscow’s Luxury RublyovkaMoscow Times

The $148 million development is funded by Andrei Yakunin’s VIY Management.




Fighting Corruption in Ukraine – Or Those Who Fight It?Human Rights in Ukraine

Relief at Shokin’s departure has been tainted by the removal of the reform-minded Deputy Prosector and his colleague.




Stung by Large U.S. Fines, France to Tighten Anti-Corruption LawsReuters

“To this day, no French company has yet been convicted for foreign bribery in France…” However, several high-profile French companies have received multi-million dollar fines in other jurisdictions.


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