Daily Brief – March 25, 2016



A Bad Day for Kleptocracy: U.S. and Multiple International Authorities Coordinate to Prosecute and Forfeit Global Assets of VimpelComLexology

A detailed overview of the largest case ever brought under the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative.


Business Under Pressure: Putin Meets With Entrepreneurs, Law EnforcementMoscow Times

“In 2014, of 200,000 criminal cases involving businessmen, only 15 percent led to sentences, but 80 percent of defendants lost their businesses. ‘They were pressured, robbed and then let go,’ [Putin] said.”


“New Political Elite” — Kremlin Foes Incubated By London’s Vibrant Russian CommunityInternational Business Times

The UK capital is home to a growing unofficial opposition in exile.




A New Win for Ukraine in Fighting CorruptionTransparency International

An optimistic take on the recently passed e-declarations law.


Saakashvili Calls to Imprison Tycoons to Set Things Right in UkraineAnti-Corruption Digest

“About twenty vitally important persons should be imprisoned in Ukraine, and everything will stop,” said the Odessa governor.




China to Establish Body to Tackle Money Laundering, Terrorism FinancingReuters

The National Internet Finance Association of China will monitor suspicious online trade activity.


China Investigates Former Moutai Liquor Executive Over Suspected Corruption: WatchdogSouth China Moring Post

Tan Dinghua stepped down from China’s leading producer of baijiu liquor in 2014.


United States


Challenges for the Justice Department’s FCPAAnti-Corruption Digest

Despite unimpressive results so far, the DoJ continues to prioritize individual prosecutions.


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